About Dancin' Mates

Dancin’ Mates opened for classes on the Central Coast of NSW on the 12th of July, 1994, and has been proudly serving the Coast for the past 26 years.

Dancin’ Mates hosts a fully equipped dance studio with custom flooring suitable for all styles and air conditioning/heating, in the heart of Umina Beach on West St.

The enthusiastic staff at Dancin’ Mates are fully trained under the guidance of studio Directors/owners Robert Russell (Mr Robert) and Bronwyn Carey-Russell (Ms Bronwyn), who have both had extensive careers as professional dancers/performers worldwide.

Being a ‘performing arts’ dancing school, as well as our year-round fun/non-competitive classes, all of our students are given many opportunities to perform for live audiences. These include our Annual Concert, our Annual Showcase, open viewing week classes, and more. We also offer examinations and assessments for all styles if your child is interested, and an awesome range of workshops and guest teachers throughout the year.

Our elite group, the ‘Dance Team,’ also performs throughout the year in productions, community events, and represents Dancin’ Mates at various competitions and community theatre/ballet/opera.

At Dancin’ Mates, we strongly believe dancing is not just for the girls, and are proud to have lots of boys training in dance (some of which have gone onto professional careers), taught by male staff in many of the dance disciplines.

We genuinely love to teach dance at Dancin’ Mates, and love sharing our knowledge with the kids of the Central Coast. All Dancin’ Mates students are given equal opportunity to excel in dance. Taking part in dance lessons gives a child the opportunity to develop self-esteem, coordination, and lifelong friendships, to name a few.

We hope you join our wonderful dance community!

-Bronwyn Russell, studio Director/co-owner